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Muina Red Stone Ring


Muina is a piece of history, made from an ancient Finnish stone. Muina comes from the word muinainen, meaning ancient in Finnish. Red Muina is granite stone that I found from a forest in Espoo. The jewellery is made piece by piece using traditional silver working methods. Each Muina is unique.

Stone size is approximately 6,5-7 mm. Ask for smaller size by email.

Sizes XS (∅16 mm), S (∅17 mm), M (∅18 mm), L (∅19 mm) and XL (∅20 mm).

The ring is made from 925 sterling silver and is at least 90% recycled. The ring is handcrafted in Hakaniemi Market Hall in Helsinki. The stone is sanded by hand in Helsinki. Handmade products will have slight variation.

In May and June, it can take up to 3 weeks to make your Muina ring.