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Vuolas lomailee 24.7. asti. Postitan koruja lomalla 11.7. ja normaalisti 25.7. alkaen.
Tunturi Silver Jewellery

Tunturi Silver Jewellery

Reaching the summit, listening to the silence and gazing at the surrounding fells basking in the midnight sun. A tired body after a hike and a thought of feeling small in the universe.

Tunturi (duottar in Northern Sami) is a jewellery collection inspired by nature in Lapland. The collection portraits three fells of Lapland, Saana, Kesänki and Noitatunturi. Each jewellery is a topographic map of the specific fell.

For each Tunturi jewellery sold Vuolas donates 10€ to the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation's conservation areas in Lapland.