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Hello, this is me, Saara, the person behind the Vuolas brand! Love for nature and functional timeless design motivate me and I'll do my best to reflect this in my work as a designer, craftswoman and entrepreneur.



My design process starts with the material. The material sets the rules and my job is to give the material a new life. I use recycled and low-impact natural materials. Sourcing new and better materials is on my to-do list every week. In circular design materials are used as efficiently as possible. The goal is to create designs that are loved, taken care of and eventually recycled. The name Vuolas means fast flowing in Finnish. Efficient material flows and flowing waters in beautiful, intact Finnish nature are inspirations behind the name Vuolas Circular Design.

At the moment, I’m focusing on recycled silver jewellery but also make projects for other sustainable companies.  All the products are made in my studio in Helsinki and you can see they are handmade, with love.

For business inquiries please mail at